Joy - Dwelling Spaces

Monday, 26 February 2018


We have been to visit several different parishes now, plus the Cathedral, Theological college and a Compassion child sponsorship project. Everywhere we have been we’ve been met with great joy and celebration. Singing and dancing and many many handshakes and welcomes. This evening we went to a parish a little way out from Kasulu. The church had been planted with a small group 6 years ago and now has lots of members, and mainly women leading small groups in the church. They had two choirs and they sang songs of joy and thanksgiving complete with excellent dance moves! They enjoyed watching us trying to join in!

As I was sat there looking at the mud floor, wooden frame building covered in nailed on canvas sacks, benches and some colourful cloth drapes, physically it was so poor, and yet there were 100+ men, women and children with the biggest smiles.  There was a real sense of joy and thankfulness to God for all they had, and for our visit. And it made me think that we seem to have so much at home and so many things that make us ‘busy’ and yet here life is difficult, people live so simply and yet they seem have a deep joy, appreciation and pleasure in things that I suspect we would just pass by at home.

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