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Friday, 16 February 2018


Today I popped in to visit a lady who moved into a care home a few months ago. She is an amazing woman who worked as a missionary teacher in India for many years. I enjoyed hearing her talk about disembarking the boat at Bombay (as was) and the close to 24 hour journey by steam train to Madras. As I prepare to go to Tanzania it was good to be reminded that even though my trip is going to take me well out of my comfort zone, it is nevertheless considerably more accessible and connected than similar ventures in the past!

As we chatted she showed me the Bible that she is currently reading.  It is in the Tamil language as she maintains the vividly remembered connection with India.  And we talked about the last meal she ever made for herself, cauliflower cheese, and the suddenness that big changes can arrive with.  Then we talked some more about the Bible, and I was amused after yesterdays post to hear her talk about the Bible she received for her confirmation, that was edited by Stirling and included what sounded wonderful illustration, in that the 'boring bits' (her words!) were in smaller font and three columns to a page.  So we shared a chuckle at what I had written about yesterday.  I was wondering if she still had that Bible, but no, she had recently given it to one of her carers who asked if she had a Bible the carer could have. I was touched by the generosity of giving away a Bible that obviously had many precious memories. And she just said, "well I had read it right through!"

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