Journal - Dwelling Spaces

Monday, 7 March 2016


Time has come to start a new journal, and here it is! Journalling was a spiritual habit I picked up from my friends who were very key in my journey to becoming a Christian and from those who discipled me in the early days of taking baby steps in faith. I'm really glad I stuck to it as well! I'm not consistent in when I write, sometimes a few times a week, other times a few weeks can go by, although I usually like to take notes during sermons. I haven't counted how many journals I have now piled up at home but it is quite a few across the 16 years.

Journalling really helps me process what I feel God has been saying. I like writing about the good things that have happened as well as the challenges I am wrestling with, and around the new year and around my birthday I like to read back over the past year of entries and take stock of the general flow of my life. It helps me orient myself and not lose track of significant words that have been spoken. So here I am with a whole book of blank pages before me...lots is going to happen over the next few months and I'm excited about the journey that is going to appear on these pages. Life following Jesus is never dull!

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