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Wednesday, 16 March 2016


One of the things I enjoy about having young children around is getting the opportunity to play. It's a strange thing that as you get older it becomes less 'acceptable' to play as a way of learning and working things out. Maybe because I don't have children of my own it always seems like a great chance to play when spending time with other peoples children! This photo is the result of adults playing earlier as part of looking after some of the college children, I think one or two of them may have got a look-in, but it was mainly an adult activity!

I'd like to play more, it makes me more creative and helps me think in different ways. Jesus encourages us to come to the Father like little children, this seems to me to be about trusting but also curiousity, playfulness, looking for different possibilities because you haven't been programmed into a particular way of thinking yet. So maybe our worship of God should include more time to play for people of every age!

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