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Thursday, 18 February 2016


I'm spending a few days with my Grandma at the moment, at the grand age of 95 she seems to have grasped the concept of 'selfie' rather well! It's lovely spending time together and enjoying each others company. When I talk to her about her life, it is always staggering to think about the changes that she has seen over her lifetime. Born in 1920, with very fixed expectations of what life would be like, things got turned upside-down with WWII and the extraordinary technical developments since then. I wonder whether another generation will ever see as much change as hers has?

She is very proud of me, and I of her. All the opportunities I have had to be well educated, independent as a single woman, to have a career and to travel were just not available to her. Leaving school at 14 with an education suited to domestic service and housekeeping, nevertheless she has worked extremely hard, loved and cared for so many, and continues to have a most wonderful contentment even in the midst of living with a body that will no longer do what her mind wants it to. She has adapted to all sorts of changes, and has a remarkable memory for the details of life. She is truly an inspirational woman and I feel very fortunate to have got to know her and spend so much time with her as an adult. Love you Grandma!

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