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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I have been thinking a lot about kneeling lately. It is something that is increasingly uncommon in the Christian circles I move in, and I've been wondering why? Kneeling down in prayer or worship is the response that we should make when we think about, and focus on, who God is and who we are in relation to God. It is right to be humble before our Creator who holds all authority. And I think it is not just right but necessary for us to kneel in prayer and worship because it helps to deal with our pride and our constant desire to be self-centred rather than God-centred.

Jesus humbled Himself and was willing to even suffer and die so that we might be lifted back up from the depths of our sin and restored to be who we were created to be. It is an extraordinary gift, and the response of a repentant and grateful heart, exalts Jesus to His rightful place. The circle of gift and response continues as we become more secure in who we are, then we can properly serve others and lift them up. Such service doesn't come from low self-esteem, or a sense of worthlessness, but of wanting to offer what we have to others, because we recognise the value in ourselves. From my experience it is easier to do this from a purer motive after I have been kneeling in prayer and worship before my Lord.

So this thought is a reminder to me to keep working on my posture! 

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