Sunlight - Dwelling Spaces

Monday, 15 February 2016


It's lovely now that the sun is up around the time I'm waking up, feels easier to get up and I've been enjoying the sun on my morning walk. This was my view this morning as I headed up the hill, glorious with the sun bursting through the trees.

I'm glad to be in the habit of a walk in the morning before chapel. I had had many years of walking to work before I came to college and really valued that time to walk and pray. I think I'm definitely an active pray-er, it always seems easier to chatter to God walking along than sitting down when my thoughts seem to drift off more easily. Living in college, it's a real discipline to get out for a walk each day, and if I don't do it, several days without going off campus can quickly pass by. So I'm thankful for the sunshine in the mornings giving an added incentive to get going, and looking forward to 4 months of lengthening days. 

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