Perspective - Dwelling Spaces

Thursday, 11 February 2016


One thing I like about living in Cheltenham is that it doesn't take long to get up high on the hills surrounding the town. It was such a glorious day today that I took a short walk up the hill from my house, and this was my view 15 minutes later. A much needed change of view from all my studying!

Changing our perspective is a healthy thing to do especially if we are feeling stuck in a rut, or if life is not going the way we hoped. The landscape looks different as you get higher. The houses that seemed so big shrink down, the sky gets bigger, and landmarks begin to stand out. You get a better sense of how things fit together and where each should be.

When God calls us to come up higher, we shift out of our point-of-view into God's perspective. This is a place where self-righteousness fades away and we can see our own actions for what they really are. The great news is that with God there is always mercy. The call to come up higher shows us where we fit into God's big picture, chosen and important but not Lord over all we survey!

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