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Monday, 29 February 2016


It's quite nice having a bonus day in the year. I managed to squeeze quite a lot into my 29th February which made me feel even more productive! Reflecting on leap year made me think of three things. First it seems like a gift, sneaking into the year and suddenly presenting you with a bit more time. In life, particularly when things are busy, the arrival of more time gives a bit of breathing space, and is a good reminder of the need to build capacity into life and make time for walks or days off, whatever gives time to pause.

The second thing was that leap years keep time on track. The movements of the world and universe around us, surprisingly don't conform to the ordered pattern of calendar time that we have created for ourselves, so every now and again we get leap seconds, or leap years to reset the way we measure time with the way the world works. I quite like that we can't contain time and creation that easily, it is a good reminder we are only human after all! My last thought was related to this, that even though the leap year is bringing order, it always feels to me a bit like it is bringing disorder. My brain is wired with what feels like a running calendar, and one fixed point is that dates in February and March fall on the same days of the week normally. That doesn't happen in a leap year and so feels a bit disorienting when I run through my mental calendar. That is a good reminder that there is a fine line between order and chaos, and that solutions that seem to bring things nicely into order can sometimes have unforeseen effects! So...always be prepared for the unexpected!

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