London - Dwelling Spaces

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


I love London! Having grown up and easy train ride away, it was wonderful as a child to go up to London and have allsorts of adventures and visit interesting places. I then worked there at three different times with different jobs and lived there for a couple of years, but it has never lost that sense of being a special place. I was thinking about that tonight as I popped up there for the evening, seeing the 'sights' still feels exciting.

There are several places that I have gone back to regularly over a long period of time, and they become memory stores, and markers on the journey of life. In 1Samuel 7.12, Samuel sets up a stone to mark the way that God had helped Israel. The Ebenezer - stone of help, or stone of the helper - was placed to act as a memory jogger for Israel about who God is and how God had helped them. It is good to have those memorials in our lives, to remember the times when God has helped us, and to revisit them and remember God's faithfulness. It is also a marker - this is how far we have come, and it also points to hope for the journey ahead.

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